#15 Tips You Need To Succeed As A New Affiliate

What tips does a new affiliate need to succeed fast? As affiliate beginner who do you ask about better tips to succeed? Here are some suggestions from the pros themselves: If you want to know anything, ask someone who’s already been doing it for awhile. In other words, someone who walks the walk instead of just running their mouth.

1. Provide lots of value. The key to getting visitors to return to your website time and time again (and buy from you time and time again) is to provide useful content they need and/ or want. You may ask me, So what’s β€œuseful?” That depends on the topic at hand. If you’ve got a blog on how to drive web traffic, then naturally giving them lots of great info that can help them get more traffic is going to be useful. However, if you run a humor site, then providing content that is genuinely funny might not be β€œuseful” in the traditional sense of the word, but it’s what your visitors want so you just give it to them. Bottom line: Give them what they want and they’ll come back for more none stop. (Now where have I heard that before? πŸ˜‰ Here’s a little trick: Instead of focusing on β€œmaking money,” focus on creating value and the money will come on it’s own.

2.Β  Know your partners. Before you sign up with a network or an affiliate program, do your research very well. See if someone has had a problem with them, if their products are good, if their customer service is stellar, and if they treat their affiliates well and try to read their terms of service.

3. Do it with passion. You can be an affiliate in ANY niche because there are several products to promote, so why not choose a niche you’re passionate about? It’s far more fun to review a product or write a blogpost on a topic you love, rather than one you don’t like.

4. Watch out for the picture in your head. You imagine sending out one email and getting a 50% response rate, or doing one PPC campaign and raking in $10,000?. Then it doesn’t happen that way. Then you get discouraged. Then you procrastinate. And pretty soon you’re out of the business entirely. Why? Because reality didn’t match the picture in your head. Here’s the news: That picture in your head is what you’re shooting for – it’s not what’s going to happen the first day or maybe even the first month or a year out of the gate. Like anything else, you work your way up in affiliate marketing. You get better. Your list gets bigger. Your website gets more traffic. You become more attuned to what works and what flops like a dead mackerel. And one day, you finally match that picture in your head. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

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5. Worrying won’t change the outcome. You write an email to your list and you worry you’re saying the wrong thing you would have said the other way, you worry you’ll make a stupid typo, you worry no one will open it, you worry no one will buy the product you’re promoting, you worry you’ll get hate mail or everyone will unsubscribe… etc. What a colossal waste. I can tell you from experience that worry has never once changed the outcome or anything. Worry is a useless emotion that will drive you bonkers if you let it, so just let it go.

6. Thinking you’re too late. There are affiliates out there making six figures a month – maybe seven figures. You should have jumped on the affiliate wagon 10 years ago, now it’s too late. Right? Wrong. You have to start somewhere and sometime. Right here and right now is absolutely the best place – it always is. And if you think that just because you’re starting from scratch, you can’t be effective as an affiliate – bear this in mind: β€œIf you think you are too small or too new to make it, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” That’s a quote from Betty Reese. Mosquitoes only live for two weeks – guaranteed they don’t worry that they’re β€œtoo late” to bite the bejeebers out of you – they just DO it. Think of it this way – Those who went before you have laid the groundwork for you to be successful.

7. Comparing yourself. This goes right along with thinking you’re β€œtoo late.” If you’re trying to compare yourself to the rich affiliate who pulls down six figures a month, you’re just dreaming please wake up. β€œComparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt

8. Knowing and doing are two different things. Getting your first affiliate payment is like getting your driver’s license – you’ve only just begun to become a great affiliate or driver. It’s when you’re driving your car every day, or getting paid every day, that you’ll find out that you know what you’re doing and you’re actually DOING it right.

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9. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.
Are you still β€œgetting ready” to be an affiliate? Make the decision to just do it now. So what if your blog isn’t perfect or your email list aren’t perfect? I’ll let you in on a little secret: They never will be, no matter how long you wait. So just jump in and start swimming – the water’s fine!

10. Focus focus focus. You’ve got 5 different niches and 8 outstanding ideas and you’re going in 12 different directions at once. Know what happens when you pull someone 12 different directions, or even just TWO different directions? They either don’t move, or they get pulled off balance. Build one blog at a time. Make it profitable. Work on it some more. Once you have a very firm foundation, then and only then should you consider going in a second direction.

11. Optimize for ONE search engine. If SEO is your method of traffic generation and you optimize your blog for Google, don’t get smart and then optimize your website for Yahoo or Bing – you’ll get penalized for this by Google. No, it’s not fair, but that is the fact.

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12. Only promote products you are familiar with. If just one time you promote a product you haven’t tried yourself, and it turns out to be a bad product, you’ve just ruined your reputation with everyone on your list who either bought that product or already knows it’s junk. Why do you want to risk it? Only promote products you can wholeheartedly recommend.

13. Test everything. Even if the biggest guru gives you what sounds like the best advice,It might have worked for him, it still might not work for your niche / website / audience. So never assume and always test.

14. Establish trust. This runs throughout everything you do, whether it’s the information you impact, the products you offer, etc. The more transparent and trustworthy you are, the more people will trust you when you suggest they make a purchase.

15. Become an authority in your niche. Whether you do it by creating your own products or by surrounding yourself with authorities is up to you. Best scenario – do both.


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#15 Tips You Need To Succeed As A New Affiliate

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