Best SEO tips for an e-commerce website


Have you ever wondered why some Websites pop up in Google’s front page while others  don’t ? .

There is a saying that any website which doesn’t pop up in Google’s front page doesn’t exist,yes, this is kinda true because most users make use of the information they find on the front page after searching for a keyword.

When you are selling products online, your website needs to be easily found by your customers or prospective buyers. This means that your site is easily found on the Google search page when a particular keyword related to your site or niche is searched for. Having an idea about SEO and how search engines work would help improve your user experience and increase your chances of your website Popping up on the front page of a keyword search.

The article delivers to you 12 SEO  tricks which would  help you optimize your ecommerce website for SEO and boost your sales online. You can see the case study here

1#  make thorough use of keywords:

Getting and using  the right keywords is the key to making  your e-commerce website rank high on any search engine . Keywords are  words or  phrases typically used by bloggers or online content creators to rank a web page on a particular topic or niche e.g #delicious and #order,for a restaurant website where you sell food, snacks online.

you should take time to do an in-depth keyword research and pick the appropriate ones that suit your website niche . People are quite specific and type conversational questions when they are looking for something. You need to think up your keywords in terms of user’s search intents,that way your use of keywords who be more effective on any niche you are in.

2#.Your e-commerce store needs to be running on HTTPS:

Have you ever wondered why dear is a green padlock at the edge of your browser anytime you visit a website running on Https?

https helps to secure confidential requests sent to the server from the website.It is important that client details such as bank payment details, clients personal information, password,etc are  secure on an e-commerce site because it would be a disaster if such information are leaked to hackers,hackers can easily steal information on a http website by acting as middlemen between the server and the frontend and steal data easily using simple networking tools.

Using https doesnt only help protect customer information, it also makes the website trusted by Google, which would naturally  improve your SEO.

3#.Avoid cloned content:

Copying other people’s content can do serious damage when it comes to the SEO of an ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites particularly face  this problem because they deal with a lot of product descriptions, and these descriptions are oftentimes given by the seller.

The  seller on the other hand can distributes those same products on different websites with the same descriptions, this results to a situation whereby the various ecommerce websites used by the seller displays product descriptions which are similar to each other. Always review the product description given to you by the sellers to make it unique,cause you wouldn’t want to be  displaying a product when your store can’t be easily found, would you?.

5# Always use  optimized  product images:

Every successful e-commerce store rely heavily on images, because no customer would like to pay for any product without first seeing what they are paying for. images used on an e-commerce website must be highly qualitative, compelling, distinct and unique. However having great images is not enough ,especially if you want  search bots to find them easily, Make sure you filled out the ALT tag, where you can add valuable and unique descriptions and keywords.Images have had  a great impact on growing SEO as even a Google Images’ search result page can drive a lot of traffic back to your website.

6# Always check occasionally for broken links:

If you want to offer the best experience possible to your visitors. Clicking on a specific page and landing on a “Page 404 Not Found” is surely not the result you were expecting. That’s why having broken links is a really bad idea.You should regularly run crawls on your website  to detect whether you are have 404 issues. Because having a lot of them could spell a disaster for your online business.

You could  use OnCrawl to run a crawl on  your website and detect 404 errors.

7# Always monitor your traffic to see if traffic is converting into sales:

While growing the traffic for your website is one thing, converting these visits into sales is another. You need to always check if your regular visitors are turning into paid customers.Using Google Analytics is a good tool to help analyze your traffic and spot points of improvements or decline. You can then determine; where you traffic comes from, the devices used, the persons most likely to be converted,the effect generated through you SEO campaign, and so on.

8#.Your website must be super fast:

Speed is critical for the SEO of an e-commerce website , naturally customers would like to use an e-commerce platform that is fast and easy to use.Thats why having a fast and lightweight site is crucial when running an ecommerce site.Always watch the size of the pictures and videos which are to load on the pages, if they are too large you probably should compress the photos or use a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo for video files,you can also use the regenerate thumbnails plugin to adjust your image size and load speed.

#8. Never leave bought goods on display on your website:

Just like you wouldn’t like to leave the carton  of a used good on your store shelf your e-commerce website should always carry goods which are recent and with updated prices.Google monitors to ensure the that the number of scam sites are reduced and only genuine and profitable contents are available for users to view or buy.If you have an expired or discontinued product page ,redirect the URL to a newer product page So that all SEO value will be transfered  to the  new products page.This is because Google drops the SEO of any page  which it’s suspects to carry fake content.

#9.enable live chats on the site:

Live chats have recently gained ground in in digital marketing even though it has been in existence long before. you can boost your conversion rates by nearly 50% by simply adding live chat to your site.

This is because there is a more intimate relationship between you and your  customers with live chat enabled on your website.

#10.use backlinks :

Backinking means creating links that either redirect form an external website to  your site or interconnects pages or posts on your site on your website. Creating intelligent backlinks can serve as a very useful SEO tool  because it  reduces  the bounce rate of your website and create channels for bots to crawl around on your site. Use internal links to suggest related products or show recent products that other users had bought,this helps boast customers confidence and also help to bring more relevant sales and better your sites SEO.

#11. Make your URL Optimized  for search engines bot to crawl easily:

URLs are more important for your SEO than they seem to be ,for example(you can’t be running a electronic e-commerce store and name it, you can see it doesn’t relate.

Highly Optimized URLs can really help search engines’ bots to find and crawl your website . This helps the search engine to know what what your website is about and easily place and it in a suitable niche in the search algorithm. Proper URLs structures can also help make it easier for  your website to easily be found on the search results page.

#11.use external backlinks:

Using external backlinks can also play a significant role in boasting SEO for your e-commerce website.

You could write some informative articles on Wikipedia concerning a particular topic or use Quora to answer questions related to the products you sell. This gives you the chance to genuinely help other users while also being able to backlink to your online store.



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Best SEO tips for an e-commerce website

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