Tips to successful content marketing in 2019

With so many people looking for products and services online, is your business ready for the demand?

A huge amount of Americans shop online, and as that number grows as more people gain internet access. If your digital marketing strategy doesnโ€™t include content marketing, then you are not ready yet.

In short, content marketing is creating content that your potential customers read or watch online that helps them in one way or another. Whether itโ€™s a video,article or infographic. this content should give your consumers free yet valuable information.

Generally content marketing is arguably the lifeblood of all other types of digital marketing . No matter what youโ€™re doing, this inbound marketing strategy can help grow your audience.

This makes them feel comfortable with ย your brand. And it also educates them more about what youโ€™re doing. When they come to your business again, theyโ€™ll know that you are an expert and will want to work with you as trust is built.

Content marketing helps you with your social media and SEO strategies too. Instead of tweeting random thoughts, you can tweet articles and infographics youโ€™ve created on your site.

And when youโ€™re working on improving your SEO, a weekly blog is the way to do it. This can work hand-in-hand with your content marketing strategy.

We at Vast income ideas believe that content marketing is one of the best ways that you can increase your SEO and inbound marketing without spending much.

This article covers different ways you can promote your content so that you get high web traffic on them if you donโ€™t already have a large reader base. As a general rule, never leave your well written content sitting on your site expecting that the clicks will start dropping in without working hard to promote it. The advantage of working on promoting your pieces is that it accentuate the effects of your quality content thereby getting you more viewers than you would normally have.


Tell Your Story

You know that your business is great,special and itโ€™s working for you so far. But, the millions of potential customers youโ€™re trying to market to, may just see you as just another company that want to sell them some junk piles.

Just few organizations if at all there is any can say that no one else offers their product or services. And even for those completely unique companies, most people are out there who ย may not realize how special and good they are.

Thatโ€™s why your content marketing should focus on telling your personal story in your own special way.

People want to buy from businesses that they can care about and easily relate to. Most people want to see hardworking people succeed and support organizations that they believe are doing great work.

What you create should explain why we should care and why your clients should believe you, no matter what type of content youโ€™re using.

How is your organization different from bunch of others out there? Who are the people behind it? Why should they buy this product from you instead of some other product?

Your content marketing in 2019 should focus on answering these questions and many more which you never know.


Pay To Promote

You can use PPC or paid search to give your site enough visibility to users who are searching from the search engines for some of the things handled in your article.

Using paid promotion gives your article that initial push it needs to garner significant reads and needed exposure. The more money you pay the higher the rank you can get from search engines like; Google search and bing. Another paid option is to promote using paid ads on social media platforms. This produces significant result as it presents your content to a potentially wider audience. What is more, there is a variety of options which you can choose from depending on which you feel is most suitable for your needs at that particular time. There is Facebook and instagram paid ads and post boosting, Twitter promotions and you can even pay to sponsor your updates on LinkedIn.

If you have a particular group of audience that you want to reach, paid promotion can help you get fast results. Such content distribution channels as Stumbleupon can help you spread your content at the bottom of the pages of more popular blogs. It works better if you share the same target audience with those authority sites.


Create Killer Headlines


This is true for all channels and social media platforms. Over 80% of your readers donโ€™t make it past the headlines before they make up their mind. Once a reader finds your headline boring, they will pass on it fast. The rest will have your intro to grapple with. Therefore, you would be promoting your content better if you worked better on your headline to make it attractive.

There is no single way of crafting a killer headlines. But some methods have proven to yield great results:

Number : internet users are usually impatient as there are many posts and things on their face. But if you give them the impression that they can get through your content under a few minutes, they will want to click and then share it. Using numbers give them an idea of how long theyโ€™d have to stay on your content, thereby getting them to stay.

Solution: offering solution to their problem is another way to get them interested, so, work on your hook that offer the solution.

Questions: Posing a question on your headline will trick someone into clicking so they can learn more about what you asked.

Curiosity: This will compel them to click so that all their curiosity will be cleared.


Stay Authentic


We canโ€™t stop saying it, but your content should be focused on why people should care about your organization instead of others. Trying to seem hip and cool in ways that are off-brand will confuse people and could get you mocked. ย No matter which content marketing ideas you use in 2019, please always remember to be authentic and unique.

Donโ€™t be scared to get creative. If you have been into content marketing for sometime now, Iโ€™m sure you must have some things you are considering trying but are still on your comfort zone or are scared it will be counterproductive. The secret is to try something new and unique. What works for others might not work for you and vice versa. Therefore, open yourself up to new ideas and take time to brainstorm with your team for how to develop your own unique methods.


Potential customers can tell when companies are trying too hard, so instead of trying to get in on every single ย trend online, You just need to focus on content that represents you the best.

With these content marketing ideas, you have a good chance to bring more targeted people to your website and create more customers.

If you focus on engaging content that tells your story and use the right tools, then 2019 will be your year of great success.


Contact People Who Have Shared Similar Articles

If you are struggling to find the kind of readers who would be interested in an article you are writing, then you can at least find other marketers and witters like you who are also into the subject and are very successful more than you. You can easily find these people while you are researching the topic. If it is on social media like Twitter, you can easily search out those who have shared similar content that you offer. Send them a direct message or email asking them to read and share. That way, you would be connecting with their own readers who are likely going to be interested also in your content. This would give your article more visibility and at the same time, converting their readers to yours which will go on to benefit your subsequent posts.



Now that youโ€™ve read this article, you should be ready to move on from marketing. Take these types of marketing and start promoting your business as much as you can.

Remember that there are more ways to do this, and some might work better for your business than others. Want to learn more about how to utilize digital marketing? Youโ€™ll want visit our blog on or follow us on all our social media handles on vastincomeideas.


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Tips to successful content marketing in 2019

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